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To paraphrase one of my college art professors: your project isn’t finished until you are ready to sign your name on it, until you’re ready to claim that it’s yours. I have applied this to my work ever since. When I work with my clients, our collaboration isn’t over until they are ready to practically shout that a website is theirs. I have worked with clients from a wide range of industries- nonprofit organizations, e-commerce businesses and consulting services businesses. Read what they have to say.

Cindy O’Boyle, Executive Director at The Montana Woman Foundation: Katherine Johnson is an asset to The Montana Woman Foundation.  Her creative marketing plans (social media, print and digital) have increased awareness by 30%.  Through content writing, posts and creative ads, MWF has seen a large increase in social media followers and donors.  Her great communication skills have also helped with sharing the stories of our scholarship recipients, sponsors and supporters in a monthly newsletter. Katherine developed the MWF website from concept to design.  It is interactive, current and effective and was available ahead of schedule.  In addition, Katherine created an online store and donation option on the website which have been effective.  Her creativity, attention to detail, professionalism, and willingness to research the best options and programs have made her invaluable to our organization.

Carmyn Frasch, Owner of HazyLu: Katherine collaborated with me when I changed my business platform online with social media’s and updated my website. It was a relief to have her transpose my ideas and thoughts to layouts and verbiage when I felt so lost! Not only did everything get run by me multiple times for review for accuracy, but the quick deadlines, friendly attitude and professionalism was so wonderful.

Jen Arterbury: Kat Johnson is a terrific writer, and very helpful in creating more traffic to our website. Very professional and quick!

I worked with Jen Arterbury on multiple projects including but not limited to consulting, website revisions, and other writing services.