Figure Out Writing

Figure Out Writing with this Easy Workbook

This short, 10-page workbook will help you untangle the process of developing website copy and help prepare you for making social media strategies. There are 10 short introductions for each section about Website Writing and Social Media Marketing, and 31 questions to help you start your journey to making beautiful online copy. 

Who Needs This?

This workbook is made for content writers, web designers or small business owners who want to create websites and social media posts on their own. These questions will get you thinking about the necessary details that you always need to think about when writing for online purposes. The best way to use this is to set out a document or piece of paper and answer these questions for yourself. 

Benefits of this Workbook

  • Understand your Mission & Vision, and how it drives you during the writing process
  • Create Your Ideal Client
  • Develop Your Business/Online Persona
  • Set Goals for Your Website & Social Media Strategies
  • Create & Organize Your Website
  • Organize the Website & Your Writing
  • Learn about Writing Web Copy like Creative Nonfiction
  • Understand and Develop Online Writing Style
  • Short Lessons on Social Media Marketing & Practices