My Tailwind Success Story

My Tailwind success story is an incredible one, in my opinion. In 2018, I became a Board Member for The Montana Woman Foundation. Having just graduated with an English degree, I decided that my writing education would be best suited for the Marketing committee. In college, I had taken Search Engine Marketing/Web design, Public Rhetorics, Digital Rhetorics, among other Rhetoric Theory centered courses. In my mind, that was where I could be most useful. I could take their single web page about The Montana Woman Foundation and turn it into a fully formed website full of who we are, what we offer and how the community can get involved and help our efforts.

**Disclosure: this post may contain affiliated links- this means that I may earn a commission from the products I promote if you choose to buy them using these links at no additional cost to you. Read full disclosure here. I was also compensated to create a post about my experience with Tailwind, however these thoughts are my own.


What Happened Before I Used Tailwind

With the help of my mentor, the Executive Director, I created an Instagram account, and took responsibility for managing both Instagram and Facebook, blogging, and email marketing. I created the Instagram account in January 2019 but posted practically once a month because I thought we hardly had any material to work with- keep in mind, I was pretty green and hadn’t started working and researching content ideas. Most of the posts between March and April 2019 were centered on our scholarship banquet and making public thank you posts for our generous donors/sponsors. Then there was a 3 month gap in which we posted nothing! I posted once on August 9 2019 about one of the scholarship recipients and then nothing until September 12! *so embarrassed!*

In August 2019, I created a fully fleshed calendar concept full of everything that I could think of. Between March and September 2019, we had grown to roughly 200 Followers with barely any growth in those 6 months other than my friend spending time every day looking for accounts to Follow and then hoping they would Follow us back. That plan did work.

What My Plan Looked Like for 2019

For social media, we decided to post Monday through Friday, blog on Wednesdays, and send monthly newsletters in addition to any other relevant announcements to our subscribers. Since MWF has been around for 16 years now, we already had 500+ contacts to import into MailChimp account and that wasn’t a challenge/goal. We did the following social media schedule-

  • Monday Motivation- a quote
  • Thankful Tuesday – a quote
  • Blog Post
  • Thoughtful Thursday – a quote
  • Fearless Woman Friday- we highlighted a strong female in current times or history and showcased how they were making a difference.

This wasn’t much, but I was making all the graphics and manually posted, and most importantly: the daily posting got people to see us in their feed; it showed that we were about inspiring and educating women/others. The point: it got us out there.


As the year went on, my skill at making graphics improved and I took notice of the Insights results, and adjusting accordingly gave us the occasional growth spurt. I learned how hashtags and making your own graphics influenced the performance of a post, the time at which I posted, and which app I used to make my graphics (to learn more about which app I use, check out My Favorite Business Tools). Prior to my Tailwind Free Trail, I also learned how the occasional Boosted Post and posting on Saturdays also led to an increase in Followers.

Before Tailwind

For many months, Tailwind was popping up in my Pinterest Feed and I read the occasional article. I hadn’t wanted to spend that money just yet so I put it off…. I thought to myself, we’re doing okay. In less than a year (from September 2019 to May 2020), I had doubled our Followers on Instagram to somewhere around 500 and without boosting any posts. However, posting so many times a week started to wan on me and I wanted to make sure my time was also being spent on the other marketing things like blogging and emails.

grow your instagram followers with tailwind

In June 2020, I decided to try Tailwind’s Free Trial. When you start a Tailwind Free Trial, you get 30 Free Posts and access to all the tools you would have if you upgraded to one of their paid plans- the first level of a paid plan is Plus. By the end of that free trial, The MWF had grown significantly and I was so excited that we decided to purchase the annual plan. In fact, in most months we have averaged an increase of 100 Followers per month.


By October 31, 2020, we had 930 Followers!

Growth for October 2020

Here is a link to typical results. Please note that some results may vary.

My Favorite Features About Tailwind

#1 Smart Assistant

One of my favorite things about using Tailwind for our social media is that the Smart Assistant Content Planner tells you which times of the day are the best times to post- and you truly can trust those times. If the time says 6:39 PM, we get a ton of activity within 2-3 hours of that time and then an increased amount of activity the next day. If it says 7:32 AM- do it!

#2 Content Suggestions

Tailwind also has a feature that makes suggestions for the kind of posts you should schedule for which day- you choose from 4 options to best describe yourself as a business/organization and then Tailwind tells you when you should Promote, Educate, Inspire, or Relate; Promote yourself or what you offer, Educate someone about a little known fact, Inspire someone with an awesome quote, share Related material and help your fellow Instagrammers.

#3 It’s affordable!

$15/month or $119/year after your Free Trial. (Ready to start? Click here.)

#4 SmartBio

You get to claim a SmartBio to be associated with your profile and serve as your website URL in your IG Bio section. What I have done in the past for my profiles is that I turn it into a “Menu”. You can add many links to specific pages, blog posts and more. And you can also link your IG posts and see everything right there in the link. So instead of always sending people down your website “rabbit hole”, create an easy way for them to get where you want them to go- make it easier for your user.

#5 Hashtags

Not only does Tailwind suggest the best and most relevant hashtags (and show how trendy that hashtag is) for your post, you can create and save Hashtag Lists! I have oodles of saves hashtag lists that I just click on now and automatically add all those hashtags. Less time typing, more time creating elsewhere!

#6 Insights are easy to understand

They are also very motivating.I really enjoy seeing the progress I make every month for The MWF- and I don’t think it was too crazy to think that we would hit 1,000 followers by December 31, 2020! 🤞🏻

#7 You can make around 400 posts in advance!

I made the entire month of August in one day. Then I got to sit back and relax, knowing that Instagram and Facebook were taken care of so that I could focus on creating blog posts, emails, and focusing on this blog and my freelance business.


So there you have it! A list of my mistakes and how Tailwind fixed most of that up for me and gave me time to focus more intensely on other major campaigns and my own work. Thanks for reading!

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    1. That is a great question. Thank you for asking. In your Tailwind dashboard, go to your SmartBio tab to customize it. You can “Add a New Button Link” and choose whatever link you want to add to your SmartBio. You can also arrange your SmartBio “menu” based on what you think is most important by sliding the tabs and rearranging them.

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