About Katherine MC Johnson

Creative nonfiction is one of my favorite genres! It’s a wild adventure between learning about other people’s businesses, nonprofits, or lives, and creating something that showcases their stories in an elegant genre. Katherine MC Johnson, LLC is my freelance writing business where I offer a host of services including general collaboration projects, biographies, magazine articles, and blog posts. My business caters to individuals, small businesses and nonprofit organizations. As a freelance writer, I get to dabble in a little bit of everything, it gives me a way to pursue my passion as a writer while keeping things interesting, new and exciting.

I graduated from Montana State University with a Bachelor’s degree in English, emphasis in Writing, and a minor in Literature. My focus in writing/rhetoric gave me the ability to analyze how writing and communication can have an effect on a specific audience. 

In 2017, I completed an internship with Montana Woman Magazine. After I graduated, I became a regular contributor to the magazine and was the only paid writer for the magazine. In October 2019, I decided to try something new in the writing business and established this small business primarily for content writing. I have collaborated with several small businesses and nonprofits in Flathead Valley, Montana.

In spring 2021, I was offered the position as content coordinator for Whitefish Living magazine, an exclusive community magazine with a micro-targeted demographic of high-end homeowners. In October 2021, I assumed the position of Northside Neighbors, a sister publication for high-end homeowners Kalispell, Montana. My responsibilities included writing the monthly cover articles, compiling all content that is within the monthly content and editing proofs.

I also volunteer my talents to a nonprofit in Kalispell that strives to provide women in Montana with educational resources and opportunities. In October 2018, I became a board member of The Montana Woman Foundation, a nonprofit that promotes women in Montana and helps them achieve their goals through pursuing varying sources of education. I currently serve as Chairperson of the Marketing Committee, I design and author The MWF website, and manage its social media presence.

In addition to creative nonfiction, I enjoy writing fantasy and historical fiction….with the occasional poem. Feel free to review my Writing Services and Online Portfolio – both of which cover a wide range of genres and services.